How victory can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

The expression indicates a series of skirmishes of undecided end result, a seesawing of ascendancy before a definitive result is ascertained.

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From Longman Dictionary of Modern Englishvictoryvic‧to‧ry /ˈvɪktəri/ ●●● W2 noun (plural victories) [countable, uncountable]    WINa problem during which you gain a fight, video game, election, or dispute OPP defeatvictory above/versus  the Raiders’ 35–17 victory around St Louisvictory for  The courtroom’s conclusion signifies a victory for all Ladies. → Pyrrhic victoryCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + victorya great/key victoryHe stated the court docket’s choice was an incredible victory.a simple victoryArsenal expected a straightforward victory.a decisive victoryThe battle was a decisive victory for your US. a landslide victory (=a get by an extremely big amount in an election)Not one person experienced anticipated such a landslide victory.a crushing victory (=a earn by a really massive amount of money)Australia won a crushing 139-operate victory over the West Indies.a slim victory (=a gain by a small total)A normal election on Oct. 5 developed a narrow victory for your People today’s Progressive Get election/electoral victoryThe Democrats were being celebrating their election victory.a armed forces victoryone of the final’s most famous army victoriesa moral victory (=if you exhibit your beliefs are suitable, Even though you drop the argument)The victims’ family members claimed the verdict for a moral victory.verbswin/rating a victoryToday We've got won a vital someone to victoryShe led her staff to victory in the finals.clinch victory (=ultimately earn)Adams scored A final-minute purpose to clinch victory.pull off a victory (=gain when it is difficult)Martin pulled off a shock victory from the semi-final.sweep to victory (=acquire conveniently)Nixon swept to victory by 47 million votes to 29 million.victory + NOUNvictory celebrationsThe victory celebrations went on all evening.a victory paradeThey plan to hold a victory parade.a victory lap (=whenever a successful runner or participant operates round the participating in location)He then took a victory lap round the arena.phrasesa string of victories (=a number of victories)The team won a string of victories.Widespread Faults ► Don’t say ‘get victory’ or ‘obtain the victory’. Say gain a victory or win victory. THESAURUSvictory noun [countable, uncountable] a scenario in which you get a fight, sport, election, or disputeThe crowds celebrated Italy’s victory versus England.The social gathering received a snug victory in the general election.We’re really self-confident of victory.

good results - an occasion that accomplishes its meant function; "let us call heads a success and tails a failure"; "the election was a exceptional results for your Whigs"

Conquest indicates the taking over of Handle via the victor, along with the obedience of the conquered: a war of conquest; the conquest of Peru. Triumph indicates a particularly superb victory: the triumph of a righteous cause; the triumph of justice.

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bear the palm To become the most beneficial; to earn, to return out on leading. The allusion is into the follow at the Roman Online games of presenting a victorious gladiator or winner of among the game titles using a palm department like a image of victory. George Chapman employed the phrase in his popular translation of Homer’s Iliad (1611).

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She's entertaining in addition to a little bit sassy but additionally intelligent. And, Sure VICTORY is definitely the identify on this chick's start certificate.

When you return a Servicing or Components product* obtained through the on the web shop, it's essential to hold the item in new affliction and in its initial packaging.

provide home the bacon To do well, to gain the prize; to make The cash, to be the breadwinner. Nation fairs generally had contests during which a greased pig was awarded to whoever could capture it. The phrase likely stems from your custom made.

A botched mid-air heist brings about suitcases full of money getting looked for by several teams throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Bernie Sanders, the previous vp simply cruised into a victory in Wisconsin’s controversial Major. —

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